Taste:  Our simple, high quality ingredients and balance of flavours come together in what we believe to be the best tasting deli meat, cheese and pure protein available anywhere.  We value the taste that prevails when only the highest quality ingredients are used from our organic farms.  From the whole breast turkey meat that never contains grinds or fillers to the grass fed organic milk we use for our cheese which is farmstead produced; we take no shortcuts with our ingredients and our production takes a bit longer because its artisan produced.  This attention to quality and details are why we taste better.  

Truth:  What is natural?  At Organic Nuna we believe the only thing we can truly call “natural” is, Organic.  The government is many years away from defining what natural is, meantime companies selling both “natural” and organic products – often create confusion with consumers thinking they are eating organic all the time.  We aim to have a clear and truthful approach and believe that clarity and simplicity is essential, that is why we are committed to being 100% Organic, Always and Only.

Trust:  We believe when it comes to what we eat - less is more, that’s why we are committed to 5 or less ingredients in all our products.  You can pronounce all our ingredients and find them in your pantry at home.  We will always be free from carrageenan and other fillers and binders that add water weight.  We don’t take shortcuts for instance roasting our turkey for 8 hours, probably longer than your thanksgiving dinner! 

Animal Welfare:  Our animals are treated humanely throughout their life cycle; they have more roaming space and better indoor space during harsh weather than the industry standards.  They enjoy an organic diet, and our cows and steers are grass fed, to ensure natural goodness and optimal health. 

Environmental Stewardship:  We are equally passionate about our animal husbandry as we are about the land on which they roam.  We work to ensure the same organic standards that apply to raising our animals apply to the land they call home.  All of our farmland is certified organic and our animals have free range access to outdoor areas that provide natural sunlight and fresh air.  The practice of grass fed diets for our cows is optimal to absorb the greater nutrients that  grass provides  and we rotate fields as needed to keep the land and water shed clean and responsibly maintained.

Organic Commitment:  All of our feed and land are certified organic, this provision ensures the optimal quality for the land and animals we raise and in turn impacts the safety and nutrition of the product we provide for our customers.

Health Benefits:  Free of antibiotics, growth hormones and GMO’s, our products also are free from potentially dangerous additives and mystery ingredients to bring you a clean, wholesome product variety.  Our rich and healthy diet for our animals especially grass fed cows allow us to obtain higher levels of beta carotene, omega 3’s and Vitamin E.

Domestic Source:  Sustainability, environmental impact and food safety are optimised when animal products are sourced domestically and can be traced to their origins.  All of our cows and poultry are born and raised in the USA.  Every product consumed can be sourced to optimum in quality of land used, feed given and humane treatment.