Q:  Do your products contain any GMO's?

A:  Our products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.  By USDA standards, the use of GMO's is prohibited in organic products.  This means that our meat is raised on GMO-free certified organic land and is fed a non-GMO, completely organic diet.

Q:  What is the difference between a "natural" product and an organic product? 

A:  At Organic Nuna we believe the only thing that is “natural” is Organic!  That is because the definition of “natural” is in great debate and often very loosely defined.  While the ability to term a product "natural" by USDA labelling requirements is met by the end product being “minimally processed” and containing “no artificial ingredients”, the organic certification is much more thorough and clearly defined.  "Natural" says nothing about the farm practices or how an animal is raised.  For instance a naturally raised cow can eat grass and feed that has been sprayed with artificial pesticides, a naturally raised pig may never see the light of day being kept indoors for its entire life span!  Organic, on the other hand, ensures that the land is certified organic, animal welfare (including space and sunlight) standards are enforced, and that a product is completely free of antibiotics and hormones, as well as being raised on a more sustainable, non-GMO, fully organic diet.  This distinction is why we have chosen to maintain a completely 100% organic line of products, always and only.

Q:  What is carrageenan and why do you leave it out of your deli products?

A:  Carrageenan is a seaweed extract that is used in some deli meat products and serves to control the texture and acts as a water-holding ingredient.  Although it is an approved ingredient under the USDA's organic standards, we believe that it is not only unnecessary, but recent research shows that it may adversely affect gastrointestinal health.  In comparison to deli meats that use water holding ingredients, our product contains more actual meat per ounce.