is as wholesome as its gets!  Each variety of Nuna cheese is farmstead produced by 3rd & 4th generation family farms, each specializing in one type of cheese making. The cheese like all our products are 100% Organic, non GMO, produced without any unnecessary ingredients and the milk used does not include any antibiotics or growth hormones. All feed and land for the animals are certified organic and the cows have ample access to pasture and are given a 100% grass fed diet. Nuna deli products have 4 ingredients or less, cured using only salt and water. The chicken and turkeys used are all free range organic, and the result is some of highest quality deli meats you will find both in pre-sliced and behind the deli counter.

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ORGANIC SWISS CHEESE - This full flavoured, mellow, buttery, nutty cheese is aged for at least 60 days. It has an ivory appearance with firm, large, dime sized eyes. Add shredded Swiss to casseroles, classic fondues, baked potatoes, and traditional Swiss style Rosito potatoes. Wisconsin Swiss cheese makes omelettes, scrambled eggs, quiches, sliced prosciutto ham and salami extraordinary. Goes well with fruity wines like Riesling, and red wines such as Merot and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

ORGANIC MILD CHEDDAR - Usually golden, sometimes creamy white or marbled, Mild Cheddar has a smooth, form, elastic texture but becomes more granular and crumbly as it ages, it slices, shreds, and melts well. Rich, nutty, and creamy flavour, our cheddar can be added to cream based soups, or sauces for steamed vegetables and baked dishes. Goes well with red wines such as Zinfandel or Merlot.

ORGANIC PROVOLONE - Like Mozzarella, Provolone is made by the Pasta Filata process and has an ivory appearance. Slightly piquant when young with a firm texture that becomes granular with age. Provolone is made in different cultures, resulting in a fuller, more assertive flavour than Mozzarella and ranges from buttery, mild, sharp, and spicy or sweet and tangy with age. Pairs well with full bodied and aged red wines.

ORGANIC MUENSTER - Our kids favorite!  Mild and great for grilled cheese, in omelets, on your favorite sandwhich  or just right out of the bag:)  A great source of protein and  calcium.

ORGANIC OVEN-ROASTED TURKEY - Our best-selling oven roasted turkey has less ingredients than your Thanksgiving turkey!  Just 100% organic turkey, water and salt gently roasted to perfection.  Our turkey is free from any preservatives and made only from breast meat, with no added, grinds, binders, or fillers. Like all our products, free of carrageenan and potato starch free.

ORGANIC HONEY-ROASTED TURKEY - We've taken our organic oven roasted turkey and added raw honey for a natural spin on a deli favorite!

ORGANIC HICKORY SMOKED TURKEY - We've taken our oven roasted turkey and smoked it with hickory for an added touch of flavour to a deli favorite!

ORGANIC OVEN-ROASTED CHICKEN - Our organic chicken matches all our products simplicity and great clean flavor so you can feel great about eating the best and sharing it with your family. Cured using only water and salt, our organic chicken is raised without antibiotics free from any preservatives and made only from breast meat, with no added grinds, binders, or fillers.

ORGANIC UNCURED HAM -  Our 100% organic ham is rich and delicious because like all our products, less ingredients = more clean flavor.  Made simply using humanely raised pork, water and salt, our organic ham will make the bread around it very happy to be in such great company:)


100% organic and year-round grass fed, with no additional ingredients besides top quality, great-tasting grass fed organic beef. Sourced domestically from the Northwest United States, this line is exceptionally great tasting and versatile. We offer a variety of lean-to-fat profiles and different cuts to accommodate different culinary uses and dietary needs of our customers.

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ORGANIC GRASS-FED 80/20 GROUND BEEF - Our beef is sourced domestically, packed in Pennsylvania, and it's always fresh, never frozen.   Our cows are fed an all natural diet are grass- fed and finished.

ORGANIC GRASS- FED 90/10 GROUND BEEF - Our beef is sourced domestically, packed in Pennsylvania, and it's always fresh, never frozen.  Our cows are fed an all natural diet and are grass- fed and finished.